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Clock That Click aims to protect the privacy of users, but above all, to ensure the quiet of parents when their children use the mobile phone. Always, as we all know. CTC App gives you the ability to set a lifetime to files, images and videos shared with other users using the same application. Once the file is opened, the countdown begins and when the timer reaches the set time of 00.00 the file is destroyed and cannot be recovered. Widespread private internet images, sexting, bullying through Internet, viruses, privacy attacks are under everyone's eyes. Reducing or eliminating the use of cell phones is certainly not possible, but much can be done - and here comes CTC App - to limit damage and restore privacy on images, video sharing, and Other file types between CTC applications, outside of which the correspondence is unusable. The application can be downloaded and tested free of charge from Google Play or Support for CTC App is available 7 days a week, 24 hours a day via chat line and hotline live on the Clock that Click website or even by phone.

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100% privacy
on file sharing

For your
peace of mind

Must protect
our kids


is forever


CTC App: a secure pipeline where the access of information like pictures, movies and other files can be view without the possibility to make copies or download. Once the information is uploaded to CTC, the user has the possibility to set the life time of the file. After that a unique file access link can be sent to the recipient; then the file can be opened, and the count-down started, when it reaches 00:00 the file is destroyed and cannot be retrieved. Information can be shared only between CTC App. registered users. Installation and detailed information available on Google Play CTC page.


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