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Clock That Click
The Pet Rescue

Clock That Click, home of CTC App, in collaboration with The Pet Rescue is in the process to generate constant flow of financial help for NO KILL SHELTERS and Pet Rescuers all over the Country.
Clock That Click will devolve 30% of revenues derived from the sale of its CTC App that will be added to the 50% of The Pet Rescue revenues. Some other funds raising campaigns will be added in time.
No Kill Shelters and Pet Rescuers must register to apply for financial aid; our team of experts will then select the beneficiaries starting from the bottom of the list. We will help the "Last Ones" first!
The success of this initiative relies also to the marketing expansion of CTC App that is a problem solver for the sensitive information sharing: more sales is equaling to more revenues therefore more money for the pets.
We are starting a fund-raising campaign using the basic concept of crowdfunding and donations directly from our websites as well. We need everybody’s help to spread the word!
Help us to help the pets.
2.5 million pets are killed every year in Kill Shelters all over the Country, we want to stop this massacre but we cannot do it alone, we need the help of all animal lovers: please let everybody know about us, what we do and what we want to do.
Here below you can find the form to register the shelters and pet rescuers. Registration can also be made by e-mail to our support with a simple description and the name, location of the shelter. We will verify the information and contact the shelter/rescuer.
Cash donations can be made using our forms on the webpage with our PayPal Donate Button, very simple: you type the amount press send and follow the instructions. You will receive a record for the transaction including our everlasting gratitude.

Please help us by spreading the word, more money we get more successful our initiative will be, and more money will go to help and save the pets!
Let`s make this world a better place! Let`s save lives! If you love our furry friends, do not turn your back and do not look away!
Angels walk among us, sometimes they are unseen and have wings, and sometimes they pant and lick our faces
Thank You for all the help that you can give us.
Clock That Click
The Pet Rescue

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Your participation in our funds raising program is fundamental for our success. Money will be used to incentive for our CTC App to create a steady cash flow for future support of our NO KILL SHELTERS program. Any donation you can afford will be appreciated. Donations can be made using our PayPal Donate button here below.
For large donations or other participations like become our partner in our initiatives, please contact us at 1-702-508-4280 or by e-mail at:
If the transaction is approved, you will receive a receipt and our furry friends everlasting gratitude!


PayPal Donation

If you feel more confortable to make your donation using our PayPal button, please do so.
Simply click the DONATE button and then follow the instructions.
If the transaction is approved, you will receive a receipt and our everlasting gratitude!



Your help is the fundamental key to our success! SPREAD THE WORD! Help us to do that. 2.5 Million pets are killed every year in the US. Help us to stop this massacre! Thank you                 Angels walk among us, sometimes they are unseen and have wings, and sometimes they pant and lick our faces