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Set Pictures to Expire

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      How much would you pay for the peace of mind?


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Why Clock That Click or CTC

Clock That Click represents an added layer of privacy to your pictures, movies, files and messages you send on line by adding them an expiration time.

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How CTC works

When you are ready to send a picture from your phone or your pc or laptop, just open the App and select the picture, after that you will be prompted to set the expiration date for the picture you selected.
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Where can I get it

Clock That Click App is available in all the App Stores worldwide, such as Amazon, Google, Apple and so on temporarily only for Android plaforms.
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About us

Headquartered in Las Vegas, NV, CTC App has been developed as part of a larger project for large companies to protect sensitive internal peer to peer communication.
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Is CTC expensive?

Clock That Click App cost is less than one hamburger. The 1 year license fee is $ 4.75. When the license expires, a new one has to be purchased.

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CTC Pictures format

You can "Clock" almost any kind of pictures format such as PNG, JPEG, GIF and so on. You can also clock video clips in a format of MP3 and 4. Varius type of Office files as well.

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CTC Support

24/7 State of the Art Support hot line is available to assist you in any technical problem you may have. You can access the Support Live:
On Line Live Support. Chat link on every page. .

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What do they say about us?

One of the major italian daily newspaper in a blog dedicated to tecnology, wrote a nice article about us. Here you will find what they say about us and CTC App.
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